Saying No to Motherhood

Not too long ago I met a 30-year-old man at a networking event. He asked me (age 25) if I wanted children and I said no—a position I’ve developed since moving to NYC a few years ago. His response? “Oh you’re just going through your selfish phase. It will pass.”

His reply reminded me of the way that women tell men that they’re just scared of commitment when they say that they don’t want to get married. Because my anti-motherhood stance is relatively new and more fluid and dependent on current circumstances than etched in stone, I let the comment slide. But since I’ve come to find that this too is the reaction of my family to this choice, I can’t help but question, what is selfish about saying no to motherhood?

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One thought on “Saying No to Motherhood

  1. Shayla Dean says:

    Nothing is wrong with that!? Because like you, I dont want any children either. Whats selfish is having kids with these men who show no real responsibility as a mate yet alone a father but laying down with him unprotected and having a baby with him, and then learning you’ll be a single parent because you didnt know him like you thought you did. Selfish is having a child and leaving them with your parents because you want to be in the club every weekend. Deciding that you prefer to live your dreams out and take risk and do what you want without the responsibility of a child is not selfish but a mature honest decision.

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