A Dream Realized

A month ago I set a goal to start writing one post per week on my personal blog, and so far I’ve failed to do so. But with today marking the start of a new year, I figure it’s the perfect day to get started.

In many ways things have changed dramatically for me in the past month and half, but I haven’t really stopped to grasp how life before November 18 differs from life today. November 18 was my last day of work as an editor of a medical trade publication. It was the day I said goodbye to hating my job, to not sleeping at night, to upset stomachs and dreading going to work. It was the day that symbolized my first real step out on faith.

Since then, so many opportunities have arisen that my life has just been in a steady state of go without my even realizing that I’m doing some amazing things—-things I’d dreamed of doing in high school and college, and believed I’d never really have the chance to do when I worked in medical publishing. In college essays I’d always written about how I wanted to be a journalist and write about issues concerning black women—-viewing Essence as the holy grail because at the time that was the only outlet for black women. Since then, online magazines and blogs have offered a multitude of venues for us to share our opinions. In October, I began working as a news writer for Madame Noire, but it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I realized I was actually living my dream of writing for black women and I was overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude, and honestly amazement, at what had come to be in such a short period of time. Despite contributing to Clutch magazine and The Fresh Xpress prior to that, I felt that my writing for those sites was just a hobby  I had to find time to do on the side while spending most of my days doing something I didn’t have any passion for. Now I spend entire days writing about things I truly care about and I share news of interest with women I can identify with. The change has shown me that I absolutely made the right choice when I decided not to let fear of the unknown overshadow my true desires.

Even today, as I was going through old magazines, I found copies of Vibe Vixen that I’d kept since 2005. I had to take a moment to wallow in amazement that I now write for this online publication. Never in a million years did I think six years ago when I was flipping through these pages that I would be a contributor, but I am. And now I feel an obligation to not just write to get my name out there and have articles on as many sites as possible, but to create quality content that really serves a purpose for readers by making them think, helping them accomplish their goals, or just making them laugh at life’s little oddities.

I’m more excited about 2012 than for any other year in the past because I know my leap of faith has put me on the right path to achieve more things I never would have imagined, and I look forward to everything these next 365 days will bring.


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