The Myths

In December, I had the pleasure of being interviewed along with two other women for a friend’s film project on the myths of black women. Each of us discussed some of the stereotypes that have affected us professionally—-especially the myth of the angry black woman (shout out to Michelle Obama). Below is just a rough cut of the film, but check it out anyway and tell me what you think. Hopefully I’ll have the full feature soon.

Special shout out to up and coming filmmaker Dana Butler.

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One thought on “The Myths

  1. Roni Clark says:

    I cannot wait to see the completed film. It’s sad that most of the stereotypes attributed to us (Black women) are negative. We can’t seem to shake them. No matter how well spoken & educated we are, how much money we make, where we come from, how we carry ourselves, etc., we get labeled with AT LEAST one of the negative stereotypes. It’s unfair and it’s frustrating but we’ve got to rise above it. Like the saying goes: “We’ve come a long way, Baby!” Recognize! (Wait, did I just get “ghetto”? Awww, man!) :o)

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