It’s All in a Name on the BBC

Earlier this week, I wrote an article on Madame Noire titled, “Black vs. African American: Do You Have a Preference?” The piece was basically about the resurgent movement by some in the community who think it’s time to do away with the label of African American and strictly be racially defined by the term black.

BBC noticed the article and today I was asked me to be apart of a segment on World Have Your Say discussing whether this label matters or not. I took the same stance that I voiced on Madame Noire and basically said both terms are applicable and there’s no need to try to disassociate from your African heritage by discontinuing use of this label for black/African Americans and I think I stated my point pretty well. You can listen in on the discussion here and tell me what you think. The segment starts around the 39-minute mark. Enjoy and share your thoughts!

World Have Your Say Feb 15, 2012

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One thought on “It’s All in a Name on the BBC

  1. Melissa says:

    These girls had to have learned it from some where. It’s a shame how easily these two children and I do mean children are acting. Yes, there are some bad marks in all races, no race is perfect. If you check their Ipods or Itouch’s there have more black music in there than the average black person does.
    One of the young girls mentioned that she reads at least 5 books per week. What are those books? I wonder if they ever thought that something like this would go viral and then they wonder why are you have people looking to do harm to them. I can take a guess who’s mom’s said that her daughter didn’t know and had no itention of being in that video. It must have been the little girl in the glasses.
    Our youth have become a serious victim of circumstance. They listen to music that does disrecpect women and their own mothers. It’s unfortunate that the black race has chosen to use the word Nigga to discribe their homeis and some people a pass to say it’s ok. Well no it’s not.
    These two young ladies should consider home school as this world has seen this video. Who knows in some cases these two girls may be praised in their own neighborhood. Now their parents want to minimize what they have done. Honestly I think the damage is done and they do need to watch what they do, for some time to come. People aren’t gonna be so easy to forget.

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