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Katy Perry Vs. Nicki Minaj: What’s the Difference?

Katy kissed a girl and she liked it, and if Nicki is in your city she’s signing those tig ol’ bitties. Both performers seemingly enjoy a little girl-on-girl action in their free time, so what’s the real difference between these two young women?

I’m not a fan of hip-hop’s latest caricature, but when I came across this photo album of Katy Perry on the NY Daily News website (particularly the cover image and photos 3-7), I thought I was looking at the Anglican version of the five-star chick herself.

The themed, costume-like wardrobes, the bright, colorful hair, the accentuation of woman’s’ greatest assets—the resemblance between the two is undeniable, yet Katy’s harshest criticism has been her barely there, eccentric clothing choices while Nicki has been scrutinized for her portrayal of bisexual women as nothing more than participants in men’s most popular ménage trois sexual fantasy. And don’t forget the way she’s led teenage girls and younger astray with her claim to be a real-life black Barbie doll with the figure (natural or fake) to match.

Katy is seen as fun. She’s a bubbly, cute young woman full of personality. Nicki? She’s the death of black women. And it’s not white America who’s saying that, it’s us.

Is it inconceivable that Nicki could just be a bubbly, cute, young black woman who likes to play dress up (and in her spare time plot to take Cassie away from Diddy)?

Even if Ms. Minaj’s bisexual claim is nothing more than a publicity stunt, as recent reports suggest, didn’t Katy do the same thing? Where are her critics?

I know the argument is that black people, black women in particular, are under so much scrutiny for their bodies, their hair, their lips and everything else under the sun, that we can’t afford to have this bubbly ball of ignorance bouncing across the stage further destroying our image. But is that fair?

I know that white America has Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood to balance out the eccentricity that is Katy Perry, but is Nicki responsible for making up for the way that society looks at black women? We have Michelle and Jada and a slew of other sexy, successful women too. If Nicki Minaj is truly an extension of Onika Tanya Maraj’s real personality, then is it fair for her to have to hide that in order to please the masses? Maybe we should tell Beyonce and Rihanna to give the leotards a rest so Nicki can get her 15 hypersexual minutes of fame on.

And sure we can say we have a right to demand more from the recording industries and their artists but do we even believe that when we say it? Our downloads, CD purchases, and lip synching in the club suggest otherwise.

If cute and comedic is Nicki’s gimmick then maybe we should just let her do her. There’s still something about her persona that rubs me the wrong way, but when I think about the way Katy Perry is received by young white and black women alike, I have to wonder is my position justified.

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